The following agreement is made between (Provider's Name) of  (business name) and
________________________________________ (Parent/Legal Guardian)   for the care of

________________________________________(Child's Name).  He/she will arrive at _______________

and will be picked up by ____________________ on the following days

Circle all that apply:    
MON      TUE      WED      THU      FRI         Projected Start Date: __________________

(Business Name) is under no obligation to provide an extension of care.

Fees and charges are subjected to change.  Patrons will be notified in writing 30 days prior to effective date.  
Meals, snacks, and activities and essons scheduled for the hours of attendance are included in the tuition
fees.  All fees are based on a ten-hour day.  Additional hours will result in additional fees.  After ten hours, the
hourly fees will be charged to your account.

Enrollment Fee:
   $25.00 due at the signing of contract and with each contract renewal.

Hourly Care:
   $5.00 per hour, or portion thereof, for care between 7:00am and 5:00pm
   $6.00 per hour, or portion thereof, for care before 7:00am
   $8.00 per hour, or portion thereof, for care after 5:00pm

Part Time Care: (3 days or less a week - Must be paid in full at time of reservation.)
   0 up to 5 hours daily: $20 per day for care between 7:00am and 5:00pm.
   5 up to 10 hours daily: $30 per day for care between 7:00am and 5:00pm.

Weekly Childcare:
   $125.00 per week for the care between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm.

Late Pick-Ups:
   $10.00 per 15-minute increment or portion thereof.

Delinquent Accounts:
   $25.00 late charge when account first becomes delinquent.  If account is more than two days late, childcare
services will be suspended until account is paid in full.  If after 5 days the account is still not settled, your
child's position will be opened for enrollment.

Comments: __________________________________________________________________________


All services are prepaid.  Accounts are considered delinquent at 12-noon on your scheduled paydate.  If your
child is not in attendance on your scheduled paydate, you are still expected to pay!  Failure to do so will result
in a late fee penalty added to your account.  Account may be turned over to a collection agency.  (business
name) does not accept post-dated checks.

You may pick the pay dates that work the best for your budget (daily, weekly, every other week, on the 15th and
30th...)  However, once you have selected a pay date, you cannot change it without first consulting (business
name), as my budget is created around the pay dates of all my clients.

Tuition fees are based on a childcare services received between 7:00am and 5:00pm.  Any additional care
needed before or after these hours will be billed at the appropriate hourly rate.  (Business name) is under no
obligation to to provide an extension of care.

Hours reserved for your child, used or unused, will be paid for.

Methods of Payment accepted: Checks, money orders, and cash.  Checks and money orders need to be
made payable to (Provider Name).  Cash payments need to be for the exact amount.  Change will not be made
and accounts will not be credited.


In the event your child(ren) are scheduled to attend but leave early or do not attend at all, you are
responsible for paying for the time they would normally be here.  Although, they are not in my care, I must hold
that spot open for their return.

Please call when appointments, absences, or hift changes will afffect your child's schedule.

Parent Vacations: (Business Name) allows for 5 vacation/illnessdays a year for full time clients and 3 days a
year for part time clients.  These days are redeemable after 60 days of enrollment.  Due to contract renewals,
no vacation/sick days may be used between January first and March second, 2006.

One vacation/sick day is equal to one day of your child's regularly scheduled atttendance times.  You may use
these days all at once or one at a time.  Once you have used your vacation/sick days, you will be required to
pay your regular tuition rate for any future absences.

Vacation/sick days do not carry over to the new year.  If a child goes from full time to part time or vice versa,
vacation/sick days will adjust accordingly.

If you have not earned your vacation/sick days or have already used them, your account will be charged full
price.  Payment is due before vacation begins to guarantee your child's position upon return.

You are encouraged to schedule your vacations to coincide with (business name) closures to avoid paying for
your vacation time.  Although not necessary, I would appreciate at least one week notice so I may plan
activities and meals accordingly.

Provider will give a minimum of two-week notification for vacations lasting two or more consecutive business
days.  You are not expected to pay for these vacation days. Parents are responsible for securing alternate care.

All accounts prepaid at the time of an unschedlued closure (illness, emergency) will be credited for the
following billing cycle.

(Business Name) is closed on
all Federal Holidays.
   If the holiday falls on a Saturday, (business name) will be closed on the preceding Friday.
   If the holiday falls on a Sunday, (business name) will be closed on the following Monday.

At the Provider's discretion, on the dates the following Federal holidays are observed, (business name) will be
open for clients who make and pay for reservations in advance.  These holidays are:
Martin Luther King Day,
President's Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day.
You will be charged the daily rate and be required to bring a
nutritious sack lunch for your child.  The business hours on these days are 7:30am to 5:00pm.  No breakfast
will be served but an afternoon snack and fluid milk at lunch and snack will be served.

No reservations will be accepted for the dates the following Federal holidays are observed:
New Year's Day,
Memorial Day, Independance Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving (and the Friday after Thanksgiving), Christmas
Eve and Christmas Day.

TERMINATION  OF CARE PROCEURES: (Please refer to Parent Handbook for more details.)

Your child's adjustment is important to both of us.  (Business Name) has a three-week adjustment period
during which either party may terminate childcare arrangments with a 24-hour notice.  No penalties will entail.  
If at any time after this trial period either party wishes to end this agreement, a two-week written notification is
required.  Fees will be paid for the two-week notice period whether you choose to attend those two weeks or

(Business name) may terminate this contract if Parent does not make tuition payments when they are due or if
Parent is in breech of contract.

I will ensure each child receives the best care I am capable of giving.  Therefore, I reserve the right to terminate
care to a particular child if I feel I am unable to meets the needs of said child without jeopardizing the quality of
care provided tot he other children in my childcare home.

This contract will take into effect immediately after the Parent and Provider sign it.  It will remain in effect
until a change is mutually agreed upon in writing, new contracts are drawn up, or childcare services are
terminated.  Failure by (business name) to enforce any section of this contract does not waive its right to
enforce any other sections of same contract.

I/We, _______________________________________________ understand that placing my/our signature in
the space below, will certify that I/we sat down with (Provider name) and discussed thoroughly the rules,
regulations, policies and expectations pertaining to the programs, fees, procedures, and responsibilities of all
the parties in the childcare home.

I/we understand that these hours have been made available to my/our child(ren) for childcare.

I/we further understand that it is my/our obligation to pay for these hours whether I/we choose to use them or

I/we understand and accept the procedures, terms, and conditions of this agreement.

I/we further agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and policies of (business name) as outlined in the Parent
Handbook and the terms set forth in this contract.

__________________________________________________                             _______________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                 Date

Legal Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: __________________  Cell Phone: ___________________ Work Phone:_______________

__________________________________________________                           ________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                Date

Legal Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _________________ Cell Phone: ____________________ Work Phone: _______________

I, (Provider name) of (business name), have discussed and reviewed this contract with

_______________________________ (Parent/Guardian) and agree to provide childcare services for

_______________________________ (child) to be placed in my home on the _______ day of ________.

20____, for as long as the rules and regulations of (business name), as outlined in the Parent Handbook

and the terms of this contract, are upheld or until ________________ day of _______________, 20_____.

_________________________________________                            _____________________________
Childcare Provider Signature                                                                        Date
Contractual Agreement
Provider / Parent / Guardian
Actual contract may vary from one shown.