June 2000
To Whom It May Concern:

I became acquainted with Patricia Hinton while my husband was stationed at
Hill Air Force Base, Utah.  I needed someone who felt I was reliable enough to
take care of my 18-month-old daughter.  Someone recommended that I call
 I was very pleased with her and never once had any reserve about
leaving my daughter with her.  M******* loved her and her family.

I would defin
itely recommend her.  She is probably the best daycare provider
that we have had and we miss her.

L. Rhodes

February 2005
To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is in reference to Patricia Hinton.  She has been our children's
preschool teacher/daycare provider since the fall of 2002.  We were referred
to her from our previous daycare provider.  We are extremely thankful that we
found Tricia as the provider for our children.

Tricia is extremely talented when it comes to dealing with children.  I have
seen first hand how Tricia can handle every different child's needs.  All
children are different, obviously, but Tricia seems to always know the best way
to handle every situation.  She is loving to all children with no bias towards any
one in particular.  She has a structured program which I am very pleased with
and have definitely noticed a difference in my kids.

My daughters, K. and M., talk about Mrs. Tricia all the time and always look
forward to going over there.  K. is now 4 and a half years old and I feel she is
extremely smart for her age largely in part to what she has learned from
Tricia.  I am confident that M., who is 2 years old, will follow in her sister's
footsteps at the guidance of Tricia.

Tricia is not only a great teacher and provider for our children, but she is also a
good friend.  We have had some special circumstances in the past that she has
been very understanding about and we feel comfortable asking her for advice
and help.  Tricia's entire family is a very loving family.  We have used her
daughters S. and J. for home babysitting while we have gone out on dates.  The
entire atmosphere at Greatest Resource Educational Care is one of love and

We have been through several daycare providers in the past and we are
extremely lucky to have found Mrs. Tricia.  We have actually been thinking
about moving to the east side of town and one of the factors that is holding us
back is that we love Tricia and don't want to put our children anywhere else.

D & M Howe

February 2004

Patricia Hinton began caring for my daughter, S., in August 2003.  I had just
pulled S. out of a very bad day care situation, and needless to say, I was very
apprehensive about trying to find someone new to take care of her.  As soon as
I spoke with Trish on the phone, my fear immediately began to go away.  We set
up an appointment to meet with her and as soon as we walked in the door, I
could tell that Trish was different from any other day care provider I had
spoken with.  S. was immediately comfortable in her home and acted like she
had been there several times before.  She started school there the following

I never knew how much S. was missing out on until Trish started caring for her.  
She became even more outgoing than she already was and was very proud to sing
to us all the songs that she learned from Mrs. Tricia.  She would mock her new
teacher, and actually did a pretty good job of it, and now our refrigerator
proudly displays all of S.'s artwork from school.  S. never gives me a problem
when I drop her off, and to be honest, it is me that has the problem because I
hate leaving.  I would love to spend the whole day with Trish and the kids.

Trish has been nothing short of a Godsend for my daughter and my family.  She
truly cares for not only my daughter, but for all the children that come to her.  
Her love of children and family values shines through in all that she does.  In
these times, a lot of teachers are afraid of any contact with children, but Trish
always has a big hug and a caring hand for any sick or weepy child who needs it.

My family and I thank God every day for bringing us to Mrs. Tricia.  I don't
know what we would do without her.

Thank you, Trish, for everything that you do and are!
K. Winsor


To Whom It May Concern:

Before we began our search for a preschool program for our son, we sat down
and talked about what we wanted the program to include and what we wanted in
an instructor.  We knew we wanted a structured program with activities that
included time for M. to play, to socialize with other children, to be engaged in
activities that were relevant to children his age, and to learn how to behave in a
"school-like" atmosphere.  We wanted him to learn not only his ABC's and 123's,
but also about the community, the nation, and the world in which he lives.  For an
instructor, we hoped to find someone who, first and foremost, loves children.  
Someone with time-tested experience was also a big priority for us.  Other
characteristics on our list included patience, a vivid imagination, organizational
skills, awareness of our child's safety, and a problem solver.

Patricia Hinton has somehow found a way to fit everything we've wanted in a
program and a teacher into Greatest Resource Educational Care.  Not only has
she thought of everything that we wanted as parents, she's thought of
everything we'd missed.  She's flexible, intelligent, energetic, consistent, and
is a life-long learner.  M. has learned so much from her!  She has taught him
things I never would have thought to teach him at home.  Patricia has prepared
him for so many "firsts" in his childhood including holidays, mailing letters, using
manners, and even that first dental visit.  He can write his name, name all his
shapes, sing about a zillion songs,and even talks about his feelings!  He's
learning empathy for others and he's learned how to sit and listen just as well
as he can learn while playing.  He is safe while he's with Ms. Trish and he misses
her and his preschool friends when he's not there with them.

I would recommend her program and most of all I would recommend Patricia to
anyone who asked me what they should do for preschool or fulltime childcare.

G. Bratton