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WWW.MOMMASOURCE.COM - (Check in the childcare section for 'Greatest Resource Educational Care')

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Math Games
Science Fun!
Creative Fun!
Literacy and Language Development
The Daily Question  allows
children to develop social skills,
and early literacy and math skills.
Learning Rhyming
Words and Word
Patterning is a math and literacy skill
The Word Wall
changes with
the themes.
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Tricia, We thank you sooo much for
what you do every day!
                 - Hayes Family
Ms. Tricia, Thank you for providing
such wonderful care for our little
                - Carpenter Family
Ms Tricia,
Thank you for being the wonderful
person you are and for teaching our
little one about life and education.
                     -The Esquer Family
Dear Ms. Tricia
Thank you for your wonderful care
and teaching of our child.  A***** is
learning so much and she is excited
about school.
                  The Fine Family
Thank you for everything.  I am so
glad I found you!
Mrs. Tricia
Sometimes I don't even know
where to begin to tell you how
much you have meant to our
family.  Thank you for loving
E******** and teaching him
what it means to be a good
person (even when he doesn't
want to be. )  You have planted
seeds of love that I will watch
blossom all his life.  I hope you
and your family have a merry
Christmas and that you all
know how special you are.
               The Lewis Family
Dear Ms Tricia
I just want to thank you for everything you do for B****, especially always
accepting him when schedules change.  You do a wonderful job.
                                                            -The Quinet Family