Click here to see a few days worth of lesson plans and here to
view p
ast lesson plans and project photos.  It will give you an idea
on what your child will be exposed to.  All activities and lessons
are presented in a fun, hands-on method that allows the children
to learn while they do what comes naturally - playing and
exploring their environment.

Lessons are presented in both large group (whole class) and
small group (1-3 children) settings.

The overall long-term goals for the year are to help the children
feel confident in their abilities, to know they are loved and
appreciated for who they are, to provide an emotionally and
physically safe environment, and to enhance language and
communication skills.

Every month specific skills and objectives will be taught.  These
are learning standards in the areas of language arts and math
that the children need to excel in kindergarten.

We will follow the Litchfield Elementary School District calendar
with a few exceptions which will be noted in your Parent
Handbook.  You can view the school district's calendar

The calendar for Greatest Resource is located in the Parent
Handbook each family receives upon enrollment.

Our daily schedule is softly structured meaning it has flexibility
to ensure the developmental needs of each individual child are
met.  Nutritious snacks and meals meet or exceed the
Nutritional Needs for Children.

Click here for sample lunches and snacks.

An involved parent makes a world of difference in a child's
ability to learn.  With work schedules and today's fast paced
society, it isn't always easy to visit your child's classroom.  
Greatest Resource helps you be involved and aware of your
child's activities while enrolled in the preschool program by
sending the weekly lesson plans to your email the weekend
before.  You can use your in-car time to ask informed questions
about the science activity your child participated in that morning,
or to sing the songs your child will be learning.  It helps you
expand upon your child's learning at home as well.
Located within the Litchfield Elementary School District.
Crossroads: Indian School and Litchfield Rd
Convenient to Luke AFB, AZ
Greatest Resource Educational
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