Frog Art
Frog Science
Firefly art
Firefly Math
MAY 2009
This month we talked about pond life and the insects, reptiles,
and amphibians we might find around a pond or swamp.
The children learned about fireflies,
or lightening bugs.  We don't have
any here in our area so this was
a new concept for the children -
a bug that lights up!!
They were enthralled.
They used glitter to make their
fireflies sparkle.  For a little math
activity, the children each selected
a bug jar and identified the number
on the jar and then used their
fingerprints to make that many
fireflies in the jar.
We learned
the life
cycle of
a frog
We practiced cutting out a circle and created
a pretty cool frog.
We added foam lily pads and
some plastic frogs to our water
table for some sensory play.
We added a little math to the fun
by seeing how many frogs we needed
on each lily pad to make
it sink.
Literacy and Language Development

L is for Lizard.
We added the body parts to a
letter L to make some really cute lizards.
We ended our school year with a "See You Later, Alligator" theme.
The children loved painting their hands and creating
a swamp full of alligators.
Our Science Center had alligator books and pictures, as well as pictures of
their habitat, and even an up close photo of alligator skin.
We practiced
number recognition
and numerical order
by arranging our
alligators for an
alligator parade.

We learned that
alligator babies hatch
from eggs.
Literacy and Language

We learned a poem about
alligators and circled all the
letter A's we could find.  
We also identified rhyming
Egg Carton
Copyright 2009 Patricia Hinton / Greatest Resource Educational Care

Greatest Resource Educational Home Childcare and Preschool
Goodyear, Arizona 85395
We finished off the school year with a big bar-b-que
in the afternoon and the children performed a small
skit showing off some of the things they learned this
past year.

See You Later, my little Alligators!
Have fun in Kindergarten!