P is for Pirate!
Treasure Bottles
Treasure Boxes
Pirate Hats
Paper Plate Pirates

hool Pirate      
Preschool Goodyear AZ
June 2009
We sailed the seven seas this month!
Preschoolers are precious treasures!
I painted this picture on the back of one our shelves, added the childrens photos to small gold coin cutouts and filled the treasure box with the coins.  I made sure to tell them every day how very precious they are to me.
Pirate Ships made from apple wedges and cheese cubes.
Chocolate snack cakes filled with plastic gold coins
Pirate Mix:
Peglegs (pretzel sticks)
Cannon balls (chocolate cereal balls)
Gold coins (banana circles)
We went on a picture treasure
hunt and found a box of treasure for
each little matey.