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Parent Handbook
Discipline and Guidance
Greatest Resource uses positive guidance and discipline techniques that
are consistent with the age and individual needs of each child.  Discipline is
used as a teaching tool and not as a punishment.  I achieve this through
love, consistency, and firmness.  I stress two main patterns of behavior:
respect of self and others, and respect of property.  The children are
explained the rules frequently so they are familiar with the guidelines and

Positive Guidance and Discipline means that no child will be disciplined by
humiliating or frightening; physical punishment; verbal abuse or threats;
confinement, binding or physically restraining the movement of any child;
or the withholding of or forcing of meals.

I believe in teaching the children to solve their own problems.  If a child
has difficulty following directions, treating others and equiptment with
respect, or following the childcare rules, the following methods will be
used to help the child achieve positive behaviors and experiences--active
listening, giving affirmations, negotiation skills, setting limits, and
modifying the environment.  Should I have to step in, in addition to the
aforementioned methods, I will use: redirection, removal of the child from
the stressful situation, limiting the child's participation in the activities,
and as a last resort, "time-out".  If "time-out" is used I allow the child to
determine when he/she is ready to rejoin the group.  "Time-out" will be
followed by a brief discussion of the incident, a brainstorm session for
ideas on how to handle the situation better the next time, and a
comforting hug or two.  I will never
require a child to stay in time-out
longer than one minute per age of year.

If there is a chronic behavioral issue that needs immediate attention, (i.e.
chronic hitting, biting, usage of bad language, defiance, etc) Parent and
Provider will work together to create a guidance and discipline game plan
to ensure there is a continuity between home and school.  Some behaviors
will result in withdrawal of childcare services.

If positive guidance and discipline techniques have been used consistently
and the child remains unruly, Parents will be called to remove the child
from Greatest Resource for the remainder of the day.  Greatest
Resource reserves the right to ask Parent/Guardian to make temporary or
permanent alternative childcare arrangements.

While in or around the childcare home, Parents and Guardians are required
to also follow the positive guidance and discipline techniques and policy.
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