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Like every other business, Greatest Resource operates on a budget.  The
tuition policies are in place to ensure payments are on time and the operation
of the business runs smoothly and meets your expectations of top-quality care
for your child.

Tuition is due and payable on the days/dates that you have selected on your
Financial Agreement and are considered late after
4:00pm that day.  Late
Payment fees will be applied.  Payment obligation is based on the hours and
days you have contracted.  Those hours and days are reserved exclusively for
your child and will be your financial responsibility regardless of attendance.  
Tuition covers only the hours of care you have contracted.  Any additional
times before or after the contracted hours will result in additional charges.  
Meals, snacks, and preschool activities normally occurring during your
contracted hours are included in the tuition fees.

Tuition Reviews
Periodically, your recorded attendance times will be reviewed and your child's
weekly tuition may be adjusted to reflect arriving earlier or picking up later
than your contracted hours.  In addition, tuition is reviewed every June to
determine what, if any, increase will take place in the next year.

Holding Fees
All enrollment forms, two-week advance tuition payment, and registration fee
for the new enrollment must be filled out to hold a position for a child.  In
addition, a percentage of the weekly contracted tuition will be paid weekly.  
Monies paid to hold any spot are not creditable to any other dates, times, or
accounts.  Parent has three business days from the time of contract signing to
cancel the Contractual Agreement and receive a full refund of monies paid.   
After the third day, ALL fees paid are non-refundable.

New Enrollment - Greatest Resource will hold a toddlers/preschooler's
position for up to 4 weeks at 50% of weekly tuition.  Beginning the fifth week,
full tuition is required.   

New Infants - Greatest Resource will hold an infant's space for 8 weeks at
50% of weekly tuition.  Beginning the ninth week, full tuition is required.

Older Siblings - Full tuition is required regardless of attendance.  However,
Greatest Resource extends the option of you allowing the older sibling to stay
home one week (5 days) with you and the new sibling to help facilitate bonding
between siblings.  No tuition is required for that one week period (5 days).  
The five days must be taken consecutively and within 30 days of the infant's

Registration Fee
Registration fees help cover administrative cost associated with enrollment
and to replenish supplies such as glue sticks, paint, and paper.  A registration
fee of
$25.00 per family is due upon enrollment and is renewable every
August.  This fee is applicable for all full time, part-time, preschool, and
drop-in enrollments.  Registration fees are not refundable.

Additional Fees
There may be an occasion that a fee will be charged for field trips.  You will
be given ample notice of any fees.  Should you choose to not participate in the
field trip, no fee will be charged to your account but you will still be financially
responsible for normal childcare tuition for that day.

Childcare is a legally deductible expense.  Greatest Resource will provide you
with regular receipts (upon request) and a year-end total for your income tax

Payment Options
I accept payments for tuition and fees in the form of cashier's checks,
personal checks, money orders, and cash. Cash payments should be for the
exact amount - change will not be made and accounts will not be credited!  
Checks should be made payable to P***** H****.

Pay Schedule
You may pick the pay dates that work best for you budget, (daily, weekly,
twice a month, the entire month, etc).  Like every other business,
operates on a budget.  The tuition policies are in place to ensure
payments are on time and the operation of the business runs smoothly and
meets your expectations of top-quality care for your child.  You are expected
to stick with your selected pay dates as
Greatest Resource's budget is
created around the pay dates of all clients.  If you need to change your
schedule, please see me first so I may plan for the change.

Delinquent Accounts - "No Pay, No Play"
Due to past experiences, I have had to adopt a "No Pay, No Play" policy.  Please
be sure you arrive in the morning with your tuition.  I reserve the right to
turn you away at the door until payment has been made.  Please do not take it
personal, it is business.

Late accounts will be charged
$15.00 per day until account is paid in full.  If
your child is not in attendance on your scheduled pay date, you are still
expected to pay.
Failure to do so will result in a late fee penalty added to your

Account may be turned over to a collection agency and Parent/Guardian will be
responsible for all fees incurred by the collections agency.

Financial Hardship
We have all experienced financial difficulties at one time or another.  I will
make every effort to be helpful in establishing a financial plan to allow
continued enrollment in
Greatest Resource.  However, there may be a time or
circumstance when I may request that you not bring your child until payment
can be made.

Returned Checks
If your check is returned due to insufficient funds, you will be charged a
returned check fee of
$35.00 in addition to the original amount of the check
and any bank fees incurred due to your returned check.  This is payable
immediately and may be paid with cashier's check, money order, or cash.  You
may be required to pay in cash thereafter.

NSF is considered a breech of contract and Provider reserves the right to
terminate the contractual agreement.  If it become necessary for
to resort to legal action to collect fees, the parents/guardians will
be responsible for any fees incurred by P**** H*** and/or
Greatest Resource.

Late Pick-Up Fees
Children become upset when parents are late picking them up and late pick-ups
often affect the plans I have for my family after hours.  Late fees are
calculated by 15 minute increments, not by individual minutes.  Late fees are
accessed using the following scale:  If you pick up your child between 5:01pm
and 5:15pm, a
$10.00 late fee payment is required.  If you pick up your child
between 5:16pm and 5:30pm, a
$20.00 late fee payment is required.  In
other words,
$10.00 is added every 15 minutes.

If you are more than one hour late, your listed emergency contacts will be
required to come pick up your child.  If I am unable to reach you or your
emergency contacts at any time, Social Services will be called to pick up your
child for safekeeping.

Parent / Guardian is financially responsible for all absences.  If your
child/children are absent for any reason, you are still responsible for paying
for the time you have contracted.  If this is a planned absence, such as a
vacation, payment must be made
prior to the absence; this will guarantee his
or her space upon return.

Please call when appointments or absences will affect your child's schedule.  
Any child absent for more than three consecutive days without notification, or
who is absent with a delinquent account, may be considered, at the discretion
of the Provider, to be dropped from enrollment and the position may be made
available to other clients.

All scheduling changes require prior approval and a two-week notice.  If going
from full to part time, full time tuition is required for those two weeks.  If
going from part to full time, full time tuition is required as soon as the
schedule change takes place.  
Greatest Resource reserves the right to deny
changes in contracted hours.
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