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Emergency Procedures
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Discipline and Guidance
Health and Safety
Contact Information
It is critical that you update your child's files as soon as any contact information
changes.  Contact information can be changed at any time on your child's daily
attendance sheet.  Every child is required to have
two emergency contact
individuals that live within a 30 mile radius who are willing to pick up your child if
the occasion arises.

Emergency contact individuals will be called if:

        The childcare must close due to an emergency,
        Parent is more than 30 minutes late without contacting the Provider,
        Parent is late in pick-up and the Provider has plans/appointments that
        cannot be changed,
        If the child is sick and Provider is unable to reach the Parent or
        If Parent is impaired or does not have proper safety seats for the

Custodial Agreements
It is important that you indicate on your enrollment form who the custodial
parent is and who may or may not pick up your child.  It is helpful to furnish a
copy of the divorce decree or custody agreement which will be kept in you
child's file and all information will be confidential.  Without a copy of the official
papers, I will not be able to prevent your child from leaving with his/her
non-custodial parent.

Emergency Procedures
I must have on file, phone numbers where parents can be reached, plus the
numbers of TWO adults willing to be emergency contacts.  It is extremely
important that all these numbers are kept current.  Please discuss what your
plan of action is with your emergency contact people so there is little to no
confusion if they should be called upon to take responsibility of your child.

Greatest Resource regularly conducts fire evacuation drills to help the children
better respond to an actual emergency evacuation.  In the event of an actual
fire, we will meet at the house across the street and you will be notified to pick
up your child from that location, or, if weather permitting, from the pavilion at
the community playground.

Back -up Provider
I do have a back up provider willing to step in in the event of a scheduled closure
or for Provider appointments. You will be notified at least 24 hrs in advance if I
have to utilize back-up services except in the case of emergencies.  Please be
aware that I call upon my back-up provider for appointments and emergencies
only.  In all other instances that I am unable to provide care for your child, I will
assist you in finding alternative care but it is ultimately the responsibility of
the Parents to have a "Plan B" available.

Emergency Medical Treatment
Each child is required to have a Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment form
on file.  In case of EMERGENCY, I will administer the necessary First Aid or
life saving treatments.  An ambulance will be called and your child will be
transported to the nearest hospital.  YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED
IMMEDIATELY!  I will accompany the injured child IF I am able to locate and
have on site a backup provider to supervise the other children.  The Parent or
Guardian of the injured child is responsible for all costs involved in the
emergency medical treatment, including emergency transportation, if required.

The Provider, Patricia Hinton, and the other members of the Hinton household
will not be liable for any sickness/injury of either parent/guardian or child while
on the premises.

Daily Attendance
Each child has his/her own monthly attendance sheet that will be kept in the
child's cubby unit.  
Each child must be signed in and out each day.    Failure to
record accurate times with signatures or initials may result in additional fees
being added to your account and may lead to termination of childcare services.  
Attendance recordings are used for tax and legal purposes.  It allows me to
show how many children were in attendance at any given time.
Please check the information at the top of your child's sheet at the beginning of
each month and make any corrections needed to the contact information (names,
numbers, etc.)  If no corrections are required, please initial at the top of the

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures
It is the Parent's responsibility to notify Greatest Resource if someone other
than the parent is bringing or picking up your child.  Your child will only be
released to the person(s) listed on your registration sheet.  Any exceptions
must have prior notification.  Inform all persons authorized to pick up your child
that I will require a picture ID until I am familiar with their faces.  No child will
be released to a person younger than 14 years of age - no exceptions.

It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents, or to
cry when being dropped off.  Please be brief during drop-off times; the longer
you prolong departure, the more anxious your child will become.  A smile,
cheerful good-bye kiss and a reassuring word that you will be back are all that is
needed.  In my experience, most children are nearly always quick to get involved
in play or activities as soon as the parent has left.

Please be brief at pick-up time as well.  The children may get a little
over-excited and/or rowdy as a result of their parent or someone else's parent
being here.  This is often a time of testing when two authority figures are
present (the parent and the provider), and nearly all children will test to see if
the rules still apply.  Please be in control of your child during these times and
help show your child that you respect me and my rules by reminding them (and
allowing me to remind them, if needed) that rules apply whether or not someone
else is here.

School-Age Children
School-aged children will need written permission to leave the childcare home,
unaccompanied by an adult, to walk to school or bus stop.  The Provider is NOT
responsible for the child once he/she has left the childcare home.  School-aged
children who do not have written permission on file will have to be transported
by the parent.
Diapering and
Personal Hygiene
Termination of
Contract Procedures
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