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The purpose of this Handbook is to outline the policies and procedures under which I operate my
home childcare business.  If you have any questions, please ask me for an explanation.  I have found
through past experiences that all parties involved are more comfortable having all policies and
expectations written down and discussed before the financial agreement contract is signed.
Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday. The hours of operation are determined by the client's contracted hours.  
The door is unlocked right before arrival is expected.  No services are offered after 5pm.

Phone Number:

Please call if your child will be absent or if you will be late in either dropping off or picking up your
child.  This allows me to make any changes to activities and meals.  I am available to talk on the
phone as early as 5:00am and as late as 10:00pm.  When I am unavailable, the answering machine will
pick up and I will be happy to return your call as soon as I am able.  
If you have not arrived or called
by 9:00am, your child will be marked as absent and will not be included in the lunch count.
Please be
sure to call!

If you need to have a phone conference during business hours, the best time to call is during our
"Quiet Time" (12:00-2:00)  Please understand that if you call at any other time during business
hours, I may not be able to give you my full attention as the safety and supervision of the children
are my number one priority.

Open Door Policy
I maintain an "Open Door Policy".  This "Open Door Policy" does NOT mean my door will always be
unlocked.  It means you are always welcome to call or drop-in to see your child at any time during
business hours.  Please remember when visiting, children may react in an excited manner that does
not normally occur when I am alone with the children.  If the visit causes a disruption, I will ask
that you make it short so we can continue on with our planned activities.  Your child's safety is my
number one priority, so doors remain locked to prevent children from going outdoors and to prevent
anyone from unknowingly entering the childcare home.  In the near future an electronic door
security system will be installed to further ensure the safety of the children.

Parking is permitted in my driveway, directly in front of my house, or across the street alongside
the curb.  Under no circumstances should you park in front of my neighbors' houses
or in such a way
to full or partially block access to or from their home
.  Failure to follow this policy is a breech in
contract and childcare service may be withdrawn at the Provider's discretion.

Contract Renewals
Contracts are renewed every August.  New handbooks and contracts will be signed no later than
July 31st of each year.  Old contracts automatically expire at 11:59pm July 31st and new contracts
become effective at 12:00am August 1st.  Any family not under contract will not be accepted back
into care until a new contract has been signed.  Incomplete files may require withdrawal from the
program.  Tuition fees will be assessed every June.  New handbooks and contracts will be handed
out in early June reflecting any tuition changes for the upcoming year.
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