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Preschool Lesson Plans March
March Preschool Lessons
Goodyear AZ preschool
March Merriment
We started the month by celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday.
The Cat in the Hat
The Cat in the Hat project are the
children's feet.  We did some pipe
cleaner contraptions and some cool hats.
One Fish, Two Fish,
Red Fish, Blue Fish
was the perfect book for using
descriptive words
There's a Wocket in my Pocket
We did a lot of rhyming activities, counted
the pockets on our clothes, made a pocket
and drew something to fit in it, brought
something in our pocket and had our
friends guess by the clues, and
experimented with liquids and solids as
well as size and space
Green Eggs and Ham
We charted our likes and dislikes and then sang the song, "If All The Raindrops
Were Lemondrops and Gumdrops" using their resposes.  For the 'dislikes' they
said "yuck, yuck, yuck..."  And, of course, we sampled green eggs.  It was a huge hit!
We reviewed our colors this month.  
Every day at circle time we colored a
batch of rice for our sensory table.  But
every night a very sneaky leprechaun
took our rice away and left a fun present
in its place.  And on the final day he left
us a colorful rice rainbow!
We made a rainbow of sensory bottles-each filled with a different
substance so we could study their properties.
Literacy and Language
We used the shamrock number line to count by 2's, 5's, and 10's.
Below we sorted shamrocks according to the number of leaves on each
and used cheese coins to divide the gold pieces between the two
leprechauns.  We went over "more than", "less than", and "equal to" or
"the same as" as well as did some simple addition and subtraction.
We practiced name recognition and
breaking words into syllables.
If kindness had a monetary value, we would have
been RICH!  The children were encouraged to come
tell me if they witnessed an act of kidness
amongst their friends.  Each act of kindness was
written on a gold coin and added to our pot.
We finished off the month with some fun nursery rhyme activities.
Humpty Dumpty gave us the opportunity to go
over positional words as well make theories,
predictions, and experiement with cause and
Mary, Mary Quite
Contrary allowed
us to discuss good
manners and
what it means to
be a good friend
as well as some
gardening fun.
Number recognition and counting
were our focus with The Old Woman
Who Lived iin a Shoe.
Jack Be Nimble led us into a discussion
on fire safety and helped us explore the
/ick/ family words.
Ole King Cole opened up a great lesson on
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