Gingerbread Men Geography
Every year during the month of December my preschool/childcare
learns some geography through reports of our traveling gingerbread
men and we need your help to make this happen!

On Monday, November 29, 2010, after reading a version of
Gingerbread Man
, the children and I will work together to make,
bake, and decorate a batch of gingerbread men.  But, alas, just like
every other year, our gingerbread men  will give us the slip when our
backs are turned.  We will search around our classroom and find
clues like dropped candy buttons and icing smudges on the door.  We
will ask our neighbors to keep an eye out.  Our little guys are seen
all over the place but they are just too fast to be caught!  So we will
have to enlist aid of all our family and friends worldwide to help us
track their travels.

Here's where we could use
your help.  If you happen to 'see' one of
our gingerbread men in your neighborhood, please send us a postcard
from your town, state, or country letting us know what our little guy
was doing.  As we read the postcards, we place a small gingerbread
man sticker on our wall map and globe.  We also learn a little about
the area the postcard came from. i.e.  culture, holidays, clothing,
climate, animals, etc.

One year we had 118 postcards!  Twenty-three U.S. states were
represented, as well as 7 foreign countries!  We hope to even
better this year!

Please forward our request to your family and friends!

You can begin mailing postcards immediately!  Our unit will end on
December 17, 2010 when we read Jan Brett's
Gingerbread Baby
and one of my bright youngsters will come up with the idea of making
a gingerbread house to trick our fellows into returning home.

Please send postcards to

Greatest Resource Edu-Care
3505 N 143rd Ave
Goodyear, AZ 85395

Thank you for the world of my childcare / preschool children!
Read all about our 2008 Gingerbread Men sightings!
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