Dear Preschoolers,
    I saw a gingerbread man that
escaped in Portland, Oregon!  I
saw him walking over one of the
many bridges that we have in
downtown Portland.  The bridges
take people from outside of the
river to another.
              Happy Holidays!!
                    - Allison Moore
From Portland, Maine

Spotted your gingerbread
men here at the coast.  He
was hauling lobster traps.  
said he would be back on
the road soon.
Dear Children,
We made it to Pinawa, Manitoba Canada.  There is
lots of snow here already so we have gone sledding
and snow mobiling.  Last night was very chilly so we
had a fire and roasted marshmallows.  there are lots
of deer here so we shared with them.  Catch us if you
        The Gingerbread Men
goodyear az
From Florida!

We saw your
gingerbread men
making sandcastles on
Pensacola Beach.
They said to tell you
the weather here is
great!  I hope they will
be back home soon!

Jacob, Beatrice, Jaci,
Keleigh, Brady, and
Mrs. Valerie at
Womack Family Child
Today, I saw the Gingerbread men
in Washington DC.  They were
looking at the monuments of
former Presidents.  Hope they
come home soon!
From Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Dear Boys and Girls,
While I was out walking my dog on the
beach this morning, I came across a
beautiful sandcastle, with towers,
flags, and a moat.  As I got closer, I
heard giggling from inside!  Much to my
surprise, out jumped a gingerbread
boy, soon followed by his friends.  I
tried to catch them, but they ran off
into the sand dunes singing, "Run, run,
as fast as you can--You can't catch me.
I'm the Gingerbread boy!"
                            Good luck!
                         Mrs. Puopolo's class
From Korea

Dear Mrs. Tricia and kids,
Would you believe that the
gingerbread men were with me
yesterday?  We were all surprised
and my two sons enjoyed making
snowmen with those cute men.  
Unfortunately, they had to go
back to you place.  Wishing you
all a wonderful holiday!

Mrs. Pat, Mr. Neal,
Earl and Rainier
Dear Boys and Girls,
Your crazy gingerbread man made it all
the way to Western New York.  We saw
him throwing snowballs at our dog, Kacey.  
You'd better catch him if you can!
Love the Greens
More Gingerbread Travels
From Germany:
We saw your
gingerbread man
here in Germany!
He was having a
wonderful time
playing in the snow.
From Ecuador

I was visiting the Mitad Del
Mundo last weekend and saw
a gingerbread man visiting the
equator here in Ecuador.  He
was in the museum looking at
a tsantsa (shrunken head) when
I saw him.  Hope he makes it
back to Arizona.