Goodyear, AZ
From Indiana
We saw your gingerbread men at the track
today.  They drove a yellow race car and WON!  
They said to tell you they were having fun and
will be home soon.

Michelle Schaefer and kids
From Pine Knot, KY

We were looking at the
frozen, snowcovered falls
when we spotted a crew of
gingerbread men paddling a
canoe down the river.  They
were headed west down the
Cumberland River going
home for the holidays.
Your gingerbread man was
seen making a snowman in
New York!  He was heard
calling out, " Run!  Run!  
Run, as fast as you can.  You
can't catch me, I'm the
I'm in Java, New York!
From Memphis, TN

I think I saw your gingerbread men in
Memphis!  We live in Tennessee by
the Mississippi River.  Elvis is a
famous singer from Memphis.
Maybe you could listen to one of his
Christmas songs!
I hope you find them.
Ms. Beth and the girls and boys at
Children's First Child Care
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Dear Mrs. Tricia and gang,
My name is Mrs. Waddle and I am in Canada.  I was here in
Arizona at the Grand Canyon visiting when I spotted several
gingerbread men running across the mountains.  They kept
yelling, "We have to run away from Mrs. Tricia's house or else the
kids will eat us!  Especially that little one, Cristian!  He loves
sweets!  They will never catch us!"
I was standing on the corner
of Winslow, AZ strange noises
coming from a red flatbed
Ford parked at the curb.  I
crept and looked thru the
slats and guess what I saw?  
Seven gingerbread men
playing:  2 were swishing and
swashing down a pile of hay
they stacked in a corner; 3
were jumping to the whir and
slap of the jump rope; and 2
were tossing pebbles, going
ping and pang in a hopscotch
scrawled on the bed of that
red flatbed Ford. Then, they
all climbed down to the call of
the leader, "Homeward bound
for Christmas!" and hopped on
the caboose of a parked train
that was going their way!

-Judy McClellan
Goodyear AZ
Hello!  I saw the
gingerbread man at the
top of the Space Needle
in Seattle.  He was
taking pictures of the
boats below.
-Mrs. Sandy
childcare goodyear aZ
Hello Kids!
I'm in Boise, Idaho
today and I saw the
Gingerbread Man
shopping for
Christmas trees.  he
had a basket full of
decorations and
none of them were
gingerbread men
cookies.  He sure
does get around!
-Mrs. Sandy