Goodyear AZ
Goodyear AZ
Goodyear AZ
Dear "S" and class,
I was vacationing in
Buenos Aires, Argentina last week
the way in South America.  We were wandering through
the market and saw a gingerbread man run past us!
We tried to catch him but he was too fast.  Later in the
evening, we saw him dancing the tango with a gingerbread
woman but they fled as soon as they saw us.  I heard that
later on they were seen eating steak together after
seeing the rock band, The Donnas.
Gingerbread Men love rock and roll!
Love, Patty
The Gingerbread Man
is in Phila jogging to
keep himself warm
because it's "CHILLY"
in "Phila"!
Goodyear AZ
Dear "S" and classmates,
I spotted a gingerbread man in
Buffalo, New
He was visiting a young patient at the
Roswell Park Cancer Institute.
Have fun!
Gingerbread project
Hello from the beautiful Oregon coast!
We heard that your gingerbread men had run away -
this postcard shows our lake and ocean from a plane,
so we had a good view of him running from the lake
to play on the beach.  But no-one could catch him!!  
He said, "Run run as fast as you can!  No-one can
catch me!  I'm the Gingerbread Man!"  Hope he
comes home soon to see you.  He is having some fun
Love from the Karls
Hi Friends!
We just saw the gingerbread
man cheering on the Longhorns
at the football game!  He was
wearing burnt orange.
Go, Longhorns, go!
I saw a gingerbread man
with Santa at his home at
the North Pole.  He was
helping Santa check his
long list of good children.  
They were busy.  I hope to
see him in many other
Mrs. Sandy
From the Gingerbread Men!
    We are at the airport.  We are going to fly around the world!
    We'll be back by Christmas!
    See you soon!
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Dear Mrs. Tricia and her smurfs,
Kids, I spotted your gingerbread men at the AZ Cardinals' game!
They were all running across the field.  They were eating lots of
candy and frosting.  They looked scared.  I ran up to them once
they were off the field.  I asked them why they were running.  They
told me they were running away from some little kids who wanted
to eat them.  They said they were headed to the
Grand Canyon to hide.  Good luck catching them!

Best wishes - Ms. Navy