The big hit of the month was
our rice babies.  Each child
had a rice baby that
weighed the same as their
own birth weight and they
took care of them the two
weeks we spent on the
"Growing Up" theme.
We began the month exploring just how much we have grown!
We talked about our senses.  As a science
experiment we smeared some vasoline on a pair
of plastic lenses saw how babies' eyesight is
and why contrasting colors are great for them
and then made our own contrasting art work.  
Also, we tasted the difference in baby food
and the foods we eat right now.
We tore apart some
infant diapers and
experimented with
how much liquid they
can hold.  Wow!  I
was impressed!
We have all grown
so much and have
learned so much
The last half of February we spent learning about the postal system, helping
others, and Valentine's day.
We got to look at a variety of postal
stamps using magnifying glasses and
played post office using small boxes and
different sized envelopes.  We designed
our own postal stamps, and ate a tasty
"letter".  We wrote our mail carrier a nice
thank you letter and mailed letters to our
friends' houses.
Literacy and
Art and Math Activities