Barnyard Fun!
The barnyard offered us a lot of opportunities to practice our literacy and
math skills as well as our creativity!  We made butter, sampled different
ways eggs can be cooked, milked a pretend cow and so much more!
Left: The children identified and circled the letterP's in our
poem.  Above:  P is for Pig! The children matched the upper and
lower case letter chicks.  Below:  Pictures for "write the
room".  The children are encouraged to copy the words they
find around
the room.  The get very excited
that they are 'reading' and writing.

Below: We heard a story about
Percy the Pig who collected things
that started with the /p/ sound.  
The children identified which
pictures began with /p/ and glued
them in Percy's mud puddle.
Now preschool wouldn't be any fun
without some great sensory fun!

The children mixed shaving cream
and brown paint to create some cool
mud for their pigs!  We also collected
soft and colorful things we thought a
hen would like to use to build her
nest.  And that's just exactly what
we did!  Then we took care of our
little pompom chicks.
Mary Had a
Little Lamb


Baa, Baa
Black Sheep
We played a game and spelled out
some words that begin with the
letter H and made a hen hut to
store our letter H booklet.
We played some math games, identified some barnyard
painted with colored sweetened,
condensed milk, milked a pretend
cow, and crowed like roosters!
And, of course, no theme would be complete without some
cooking projects!  Check out some of the fun foods we ate
this month!
Cow cookies

Geese Nests

Piggy Lunch

Pig Pizzas
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