Fall Fun!!
The children learned a lot about FIRE SAFETY!
We practiced STOP-DROP-ROLL, identified potential dangers in the home,
learned how to "STAY LOW AND GO"  and how important it is to GET OUT!
We practiced the /f/
sound while we made
Fire Flames with a Fork
Cooking Time is always fun!  The children made a fire fighter's quick
energy snack, some sweet and crunchy fire trucks, and enjoyed some
Dalmation pudding!
Spiders, bats, and
pumpkins provided
us with many
opportunities as well!
We explored different leaves and
various gourds, learned what a crow was
and why the scarecrow is so important
to the farmer  We learned about
squirrels and what they do to get ready
for the winter, cracked open and tasted
different nuts, and even attempted to
paint with pretend squirrel tails!
There is so much to
learn about in the Fall!
We invited some
scarecrows to lunch one
day and then we
ABOVE:  Our discovery table stayed pretty full all season long!  We used
magnifying glasses to get up close and personal with the nuts, gourds,
and Indian corn.
RIGHT: The children had to practice their eye hand coordination as well
as their fine motor skills as they pretended to be scarecrows and use the
tweezers to remove the crows (sunflower seeds) from the corn field.
BELOW:  We learned that wild turkeys eat seeds, nuts, insects, and
berries.  So we became turkeys and used the sand rakes as turkey feet
and we scratched around to collect our meals!
The children put
the seven
turkeys in
numerical order.
Math:  The children were instructed to
glue the turkey feathers onto the paper
according to size-going from the largest
to the smallest.  Some chose to glue the
feathers side-by-side, while others
stacked them up.
ABOVE:  The children were surprised to learn
that wild turkeys made nests on the ground using
leaves and sticks.  We decided to make our own
turkey nest.
LEFT: They gobbled these turkey snacks right up!
BELOW:  We like nothing better than to paint our
hands and turn it into a cute keepsake!
LEFT:  I hope this
thankful turkey
will remind you
to be thankful
for all the little
things in life.
Fire Safety Vocabulary and lots of
fire safety books!
Math Project
T is for Turkey!  The children
identified picture that had the
same beginning sound as 'turkey'
and glued them to their turkey's
We explored positional
words in our turkey
Thank you to all present and former daycare families for allowing me the opportunity to share in your little one's life!