Although we did a lot of fun and educational things this month, I
 wasn't as good about recording them with photographs.  But here
 are some photos I did take.
We used the scrap paper
from making our handprint
Christmas tree to make
these cute wreaths.
Goodyear AZ, preschool
We started off the month decorating gingerbread
cookies.  The cookies ran away from us though so we
spent the entire month tracking their whereabouts
with the help of friends, families, and kind strangers.  
You can read about their travels
here.  As the
postcards arrived we located the
towns/states/countries on our wall map and globe and
placed a gingerbread man sticker there.  MANY
THANKS to all who helped expand my children's
worlds.  I hope you will help us again next year!
Math Activity
Sensory Art Project
We painted with peppermint
scented paint.  Mmmm, the
house smelled so good!
We finished off
the month with a
pinata (Mrs.
Tricia even got
a chance to try)  and
a surprise visit from
Santa plus, our
gingerbread men
cookies returned!
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