Meet the Provider!
Welcome! Let me start by thanking you for taking the time to stop
in and learn a little about me and the program I offer.

My name is Tricia and I have been in the childcare and early
childhood education field for a very long time!  From the time I
was a little bitty girl, I always said that I was going to be two
things when I grew up -- a momma and a teacher.
For the past 29 years, I have lived my dream!

Children have always been a part of my life. I am the second
oldest of five and my wonderful husband is the second youngest
of fifteen. (Yes, fifteen!)  I have always wanted a large family and
informed my husband on our second date that I intended on
having "at least 12 children".  Much to my surprise, he said that
was okay with him. haha.

My husband joined the Air Force right before our first baby was
born.  Our second and third baby followed quickly afterwards.
We decided our pocketbook wasn't expanding as quickly as our
family was, so held off for a few years before trying to have more

I began offering childcare in my home when our oldest was just 7
months old and have been at it almost constantly ever since.  
My daughters have made us the proud grandparents to f
grandsons and one granddaughter.

I guess because we always had a houseful of children, we never
did get around to having the other 9 babies I wanted. *smile*
Not that I am complaining - I feel I have had many more than
that throughout the years. Each and every one of the children
I have cared for in my 29 plus years as a home childcare
provider and nanny has left an impression in my heart and I
love them all dearly!

I have been working on getting my Early Childhood Education
degree and feel that I will accomplish this soon.  I regularly put in
over 55 hours a week working
directly with the children and
another 12 hours or more doing childcare/preschool related
activities during non-business hours, so it has been difficult to fit
school hours and its requirements into my schedule.  I'm getting
there though, slowly but surely!

Because of our relocations with the military, I have operated a
home childcare business in Alaska, Louisiana, Utah and Arizona
and worked in the elementary schools in Alaska, Louisiana, and
Utah.  In August of 2001, we bought our very first house in
Goodyear, Arizona.  The move more than doubled the area I use
exclusively for my childcare/preschool. I was finally able to set up
actual learning centers.  You can check them out

I have taken a little time off from my home business here and
there throughout the years and worked in the school districts and
in child development centers, but my heart always brought me
back to home childcare.

I truly believe that today's children are our greatest resource
(hence, the name).  They
are the future!  Parents entrusting me
to care for their most valuable and precious treasure is such an
awesome honor that I always provide the very best I am capable
of.  I strive to ensure that the individual needs of each family and
of each child are being met.  In addition to keeping your child safe
and providing him/her with loving care, I provide activities and
experiences that will help him/her to develop cognitively,
physically, emotionally, and socially.
I hope that you will call me today so that together we
can achieve the very best experiences for your child
Mrs. Tricia
Goodyear, AZ 85395