Who knew preschool could be so fun?
That's what we found out this month!  Check out all the
cool things we did with the letters of the
alphabet and with coconuts!
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
by Bill Martin Jr
Interactive wall
The children matched the
uppercase letters and lower case
letters.  the letters are felt and
the palm leaves are covered in
small velcro dots so they can
remove and rearrange the letters
as they please.  Some of the
children took the initiative to
spell their own names across the
The Discovery Table contained
small letters and pompom coconuts.  
The children practiced their fine
motor skills and eye.hand
coordination by using the big
tweezers to transfer the ABCs and
pompoms to the hollow coconut
Science Center
The children explored real
coconuts.  They tasted the milk and
meat of
the coconuts, used pipettes to
transfer and measure the milk,
and magnifying glasses to check
things out in bigger detail.
C is for Coconut
The children
decorated the letter
C to look and smell
like a real coconut.  
They crushed and
glued shredded
wheat to the shell
and shredded
coconut to the
And ALL the
letters went up the
coconut tree!!!
The children tore
green paper to make
the leaves and
assembled their
own coconut tree.  
They were allowed
to add as many
letters as they
wanted to their
Patched Up Letters

The children used bandaids to patch
up the letters that fell out of the
coconut tree.
You can't start the preschool year
without a keepsake handprint project!

The poem says it all:
I made a special palm tree
On my first day of preschool.
I painted parts of me
To make it really cool!
My fingers made the coconuts.
May hands made the leaves.
My arm made the trunk.
preschool's such a breeze!
In addition to all these neat activities, learned the differences between upper and lower case letters, identified
the initials of all our classmates, made freestanding palm trees using donated paper towel rolls, and so much more!

It was a great way to start our 2008/2009 preschool year!
Each child chose a paint bottle - all different
colors- and then they lined up along the
freezer paper laid out on the driveway and
squirted their paint on the section in front of
them.  Next, they all took turns rolling a
coconut down the paper.  The result was a
very cool abstract painting.
Coconut Bowling!
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