Western Week
Valentine's Art
March Art
October Art
Camping Week
Cookie Cutter Art
Heart Collage
Love is...
Heart Art
Valentine's Mice Pockets
Rainy Day Pictures (Coffee filter Umbrellas)
Leprechaun Puppy
Lil Leprechaun
Under the Rainbow Bulletin Board
Sponge Painted Cowboy Hat
Our favorite camping activity - FISHING
Marshmallow Sculpture
Camping Bulletin Board  -  Handprint Forest Trees
December / Winter Art
Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots
and Bandana Collage
November Art
We did these after 'gutting' a pumpkin.
This was a cumulative bulletin board.  
We added bats, ghosts, ect for
Five Little Pumpkins
Candy Corn
Stinky Ghosts
H is for Horse!
C is for Cowboy
For having too much fun!
H is for Haunted
Houses and Happy
Fall Sunflowers and Our Thankful Turkey
(The turkey's feathers are the children's
feet!  They dicatated what they were
thankful for.)
Pilgrims and Indians - The children dictated
what they had learned about Thanksgiving.
Spring Art
All About Me!
The rice babies are doubled
up knee high stockings
filled with rice to equal
each child's birth weight.
Miscellaneous Projects
Top picture made with vegetable brush.
Bottom photo made with strings
A portrait from our "I love
Mommy" book we made for
Mother's Day.
After Mrs. Tricia had surgery
we learned about hospitals,
doctors, and nurses and made
this cool medical collage!
Our first day of school!
Our friendship quilt
Handprint Snowmen
Hot Air Balloon
The children selected things
that they thought the birds
might use to build their
nests and placed them in
mesh bags.  We hung them
the tree branches.
handprint butterflies
Cotton balls in clothespins
became our bunnies.  The
Bunnies hopped through
paint and all over the paper
to make the flowers.  When
dry, we added bunny stickers.
F is for Fire and Flames