What a busy month!

We finished off the Nursery
Rhyme unit and went into a small
Easter themed unit.  We
identified ovals in our
environment, sampled a white egg
and a brown egg to see if there
was any difference in taste (The
children swear there is!  LOL)  We
painted and experimented with
mixing colors, acted like bunnies
and had a fun egg hunt with a
special appearance from a couple
Easter chicks.
We reused empty milk jugs to make our
Easter baskets for the egg hunt which tied
in nicely with our "We Love Our Earth"
theme!  The children were encouraged to cut
out hearts and then add stickers or draw
things that they wanted to save the earth
for.  Then they dictated ways they could
help keep earth clean and healthy.  What a
better message then this one dictated by a
5 yr old boy, " Treat the Earth how you want
to be treated."
We spent a day or two talking about recycling and
reusing products, used the letters on clean trash to
identify letters and letter sounds, sampled different
types of soil to see which ones would be good for
planting in, dug a flower bed, planted carnations in a
mini greenhouse, and did an experiment to see what
happens to plants when the water gets polluted, and
ate a yummy cup of dirt pudding complete with a slimy
We used lunch bags to
make these bunny
We also had a fun week picnicing every day!  We had
picnics in the park as well as backyard BBQs!
Right: These picnic pests
needed help lining up in
alphabetical order.  The
children were great helpers!  
They even helped the numbered
ones to line up numerically.
Left: Fingerprints make ideal
little ants scurrying across our
picnic blanket.  We used them
to count to three over and over
again, and to learned the three
body parts of insects.
Above: Sequencing Activity:  
How do you build a
You really can't do a picnic theme without watermelons!  We
explored a real watermelon, estimating it's weight and how
big around it was.  Everyone got a chance to lift it up.  We
rolled it around and discussed why it would roll when a block
would not.  The children used their observation skills and
described the watermelon to me.  I wrote their words on a
watermelon picture on the wall.  Next, we cut it open and they
again described and tasted the watermelon.  We placed the
cut melon on a table and the children were encouraged to paint
what they saw.  We had a seedless melon but it had a few
black seeds in it for the children to see, feel, and count.  Who
knew a watermelon was so full of activities?
And to continue with our outdoorsy theme, we did a little
"camping".  We had a tent set up indoors for our
dramatric play area as well as one outdoors.  I made the
outdoor tent using the A-frame of my porch swing and
some bedsheets.
Empty cardboard
boxes make
great backpacks!

Recycle, REUSE,
and reduce!
The children each
had their own bedroll
for our hiking and
camping adventures!
Making a trail mix became a math lesson.  
The children identified the number on the
clip and counted that number of items into
their baggie.  Afterwards, we hiked through
the house and yard and watched the wildlife
(pictures posted around the room/yard) and
then enjoyed our tasty trail mix
Left: We spied
a lot of owls on
our walk.  They
all were
carrying around
colorful letter

Right: This is our
stream that we
fished in and we
pretended to be
raccoons and
played in the
water with our
food and other
forest items.
More S'Mores, please!
That is what I heard over and over again on 'marshmallow day'.  We used
marshmallow in math by counting and sorting.  We used them in science to build
structures and sculpture.  We painted with marshmallows, identified pictures of
things that begin with the /m/ sound just like marshmallow, and, of course, ate
s'mores for snack!
The children made a beautiful mural of our camping experiences.  (Notice the campfire?)
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